Monday, April 12, 2010

my work space

I just wanted to share really quick what my husband and I did with our studio space this weekend! Unfortunately, I neglected to take "before" pictures, but the important thing is what the space looks like now, right?

After our friend Nathiya told me I had a big feng shui no no on my hands in my work space, the husband and I got to work. The no no? I had my back to the door... So, here is our solution. I only took shots of my side of the room, his side of course is not organized yet. I like it a lot better so far and boy did that place need dusting! I guess you just don't know how many dust bunnies you have living under your desk and entangled in your computer cords...oye.

Some notes of interest...
*chalk board paint on the closet door, where I write my "to-do" list.
*the new arrangement made my old monitor look too small, so had to invest in a new 24 inch! Not too sure how well it's working. Even after color calibration, still not looking right.
*that cat bed is actually used more often by the wiener dog and is not in it's usual place, by my feet.
*door hanger from the Disney Hotel taken 16 years ago during stay there. Every door in the house has something hanging from its knob.

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Valerie Krist said...

Wow! Looks so clean, Joy! I like this layout better. Now you'll have some natural light on your desk. I like the chalkboard paint on the closet door, too. Good idea!

Don't forget, every monitor displays color differently. You're probably just use to your old monitor. You'll get it set up the way you like eventually...or you'll just get use to it.

Dawn said...

Your space looks wonderful! I looooooooove the chalkboard paint on the door! What a great idea!!

Nathiya said...

Looks really good!!! Can't wait to see it IRL.