Friday, June 21, 2013

A study of line- Opinion please?

Above is a sketch I did and scanned into Photoshop. Have I mentioned that I love blue col-erase pencils? Anyway, I'm hoping to ask some opinions on what people like best for line treatment here. I could tell you which one I'm leaning toward, but I want to know what appeals most to others. I could spend more time cleaning up all of these, but want initial feedback. Soon, I hope to experiment with different painting styles on this as well.

Thanks so much for taking time to comment!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Here is some more of the lined style I'm working on. Just a study of a couple of friends having fun together.

Back to the line...

Hi everyone!

I've been rethinking the approach to my illustration style lately. Well, longer than lately. Here is a piece I've been experimenting with. I start with blue pencil and go over it with black to give it a darker line. This version I scanned in and using Photoshop adjusted the filter so the blue line is pushed back to gray. I guess I just really like the sketchiness of it. I may try just dropping out the blue completely and using a final clean line, but we'll see.

I used to illustrate in a similar way, where I would keep the pencil line, scan and color it in Photoshop. We'll see where I end up. I'd love any feedback, so please feel free to comment. I'll be posting more soon as well.

Thanks for stopping by!